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What Cause Gray Hair To Deveop At Early Age

Gray hair can strike people of all ages, from children to those in their twenties. The human body is covered in millions of hair follicles, or small sacs. Gray hair is more common among darker-haired people because it stands out more.

What does your hair color say about your overall health?

For a variety of reasons, you may be graying earlier than usual.

1. The loss of color in the hair shaft causes grey hairs.

It's also been linked to heart troubles.

Guys with coronary artery disease have whiter hair than men who do not have the disease.

3.Grey hair has been linked to a person's genetic makeup on occasion.

If your relatives began graying as children, you are likely to do so as well.

4.A poor diet might also lead to grey hair.

Premature graying has been linked to a dietary deficiency. According to one study, low ferritin, calcium, and vitamin D-3 all effect graying, whereas low copper, zinc, and iron cause early graying.


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