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Health Benefits Of Reducing Your Sugar Intake

It is an undisputed fact that sugar consumption is associated with many health complications.

However, even with this imminent danger, most people still find it hard to reduce or change their sugar intake. It is easy to ignore the advice because most of these complications present themselves later in life, not when you are young and vibrant.

Here are some of the reasons why you need to reduce your sugar intake:

1. Glowing skin;

At this time and age who doesn't want glowing ageless skin? When we take a lot of sugar it triggers the production of insulin that causes inflammation throughout the body. Which in turn produces enzymes that will need to break down collagen in our skin. As a result, the skin will reduce its elasticity, it will look saggy and aged. Conditions like acne are worsened by this situation.

The easiest way to keep your skin looking young and glowing is by simply reducing your sugar intake. Of course, combined with other skincare routines and taking a lot of water. But still, hydration is key.

2. Raised energy levels;

In most cases, our bodies will need sugar to boost our energy levels.

The feeling is normally great until insulin kicks in and the levels drop, this will leave you hungry and weak.

Imagine the roller coaster when you constantly take sugar and your energy levels rise and drops? This is what happens to children when they have a sugar rush.

When you control the amount of sugar intake you take, your energy levels are also able to stabilise because they are not constantly being fired up. They can maintain a consistent degree.

When your energy levels are stable, you will be more vibrant and positive towards everything.

3. Sleep;

When you constantly take sugar in your diet as was established before it increases the production of insulin and stress hormones not to mention a rise in your blood sugar levels. Not only are you likely to be woken up by hunger cues and cravings but you won't be able to have restorative sleep all night. This affects your quality of sleep.

To reduce your level of fatigue and restlessness, focus on the amount of sugar you take and improve your quality of sleep.

You will notice you have fewer interruptions at night and you will feel more rested and fresh in the morning.

4. Weight management;

High sugar increases the production of insulin, leptin and stress hormones like cortisol by the body, hence your body will constantly be triggered by the sugar in your diet, and it becomes resistant to these hormones. As a result, you will be left with an insatiable appetite and overconsumption of calories that will lead to obesity.

Reducing your sugar levels will ensure your insulin and leptin levels are optimum and not unnecessarily spiked. Hence, you will not be prone to unnecessary cravings and you will be able to manage your hunger cues.

In conclusion, it is important to feed your body the right things to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Content created and supplied by: Juxjuma (via Opera News )


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