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Stivo simple boy launches his own Brand of hoods with the tag, Freshi Barida

Stivo Simple boy launched the phrase of the month ' Fresh Barida'. People took it positively and started making videos on TikTok and other platforms about it. Today Nairobi gossips have posted a photo of him holding two hoods with the tag 'freshi barida'. Has he started his brand? In this post, he tells people to turn up and support him by buying them. The phrase has been trending and it looks good also on the hood. Those creating videos about it would have an advantage wearing the brand.

Fans never disappoint. Stivo has been working hard on his music these days and since he took his new management, he seems to have a new lifestyle. Here is what one of his fans commented: 'Very innovative guy and his skills should be rewarded by buying the merchandise'. This shows how much people are supporting him.

What do you think of this great move that he has taken? Give your opinion.

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