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Check Out 7 Amazing Clothing Design Technology That Will Transform Clothing Industry

The fashion industry has experienced fabulous clothing design that has attracted the attention of most of their customers.In most cases, women seem to interested in brightly colored clothes that have fancy design while men prefer outfits that display their masculinity.Below are some amazing clothing design that will be used in the future;

1.Spider Dress.

This type of clothing design is for women who do not like crowded places especially during the rush hours.

2.Superflex powered clothing.

This is a high tech body suit designed with a sensor and conductive technology that are used to perform physical therapy after injuries.

3.The ultimate travel jacket.

This is mostly used by people who want to travel without luggage.They are designed to serve as a "backpack".

4.Smartphone Jacket.

This jacket allows you to answer your phone by tapping on your jacket's sleeve.

6.Kinematics-based dress.

This dress is composed of thousands of small petals that are 3D printed from nylon plastic.The petals are interconnected and make up a continuous textile.

7.Bioengineered space suits.

The idea behind this type of clothing is that the bacteria used will produce chemical reactions that will allow a person to adapt to different planet's environment.This will help to reduce many clothing that are required when travelling to the space.

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