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Guide for First Dreadlocks

Singer-songwriter Bob Marley is not just known and admired for his revolutionary songs or iconic sayings. He was also a trendsetter when it comes to the flair in his fashion sense, particularly his hairstyle. His dreadlocks gained a lot of popularity in the late nineties. However, dreadlock extensions have had social and cultural influence right from ancient times. They are formed by leaving the hair uncut, uncombed, and unbrushed for a certain period of time so that they naturally get entangled together to become thick strands. These strands resemble ropes that get more matured by the passage of time.

In the modern world, when there is a dearth of time and patience in people due to a fast-paced lifestyle, they can go to a salon and get them manually fixed to their hair. They look just like the dreadlocks formed in a natural way. And with some technicalities and precautions involved, artificial extensions can also last for as long as a lifetime.


Umpteen number of dreadlocks are available in the market, right from woollen, synthetic, semi crocheted dreadlocks to extensions made by 100% human hair. Other dreadlock extensions include blend extensions, mini dreads extensions, accent extensions, et cetera.

Each of these extensions come in different sizes. It includes extra small (5 mm in width), small (7 mm in width), medium (9 mm in width), and large (11 mm in width). These are sizes that come in general, but salons can adjust them based on individual preferences. After all, it all depends on your hair density and the look that you want to achieve.

For females who are looking for something more minimalistic, you can go for sisterlocks. Even though installing sisterlocks requires a sophisticated technique, which is why trained professionals install them through a unique locking tool, their advantage is that they are small in size. They are often called micro-braids. Based on the size of your head, about 300 sisterlocks will make your hair stand out in public.

Bottom Line

Keep in mind that dreadlock extensions come with their own challenges. They may become cumbersome to manage, especially when it comes to long, thick, and permanent extensions. There are dedicated products available just to keep the locks healthy. They take care of everything right from cleanliness to their uniformity. However, you may require to visit your salon after some time. But it’s still not the end of the world. People who often decide to remove their deadlocks just have to go through the simple process of haircutting or, in many cases, head-shaving. However, it requires a trained hair specialist to uninstall them.

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