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Avoid this food that will cause skin acne

Foods rich in omega 6 such as better and peanuts . Though the body needs omega 6 maintaining the level of intake is the key. Excessive intake of omega 6 may lead to worsening of skin issues . To avoid this you can take omega 3 along with omega 6 to neutralize its inflammatory nature in a balanced quantity.

A frequent intake of sugar and sweeteners contribute to acne risk . Therefore regulate sugary foods intake .

Because of the variable causes what works for one may not work for another. Often people need to try a combination of things to see what works for them.

Each type of acne requires a different type of treatment correct treatment can reduce the risk of long term complication .

To prevent the acne you can at least wash your face twice a day with a soap, and avoid direct exposer to sun and harsh products to your skin.

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