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Kinyozi as a side hustle

Have you ever tried barber/ kinyozi shop?

With increasing fashion and stylish cuts in youth in the whole world, kinyozi is becoming more lucrative business mostly in cities, towns and centres across the globe. To start a kinyozi and individual requires the following.

1. Acquire shop in accessible place mostly along the streets or major roads(roughly 3k per month) but cost depends with where you want to start it.

2. Two machines for the start( each may cost roughly 4k)

3. Woofer/ sub woofer ( roughly 4k)

4. A chair and a bench (roughly 4k)

4. Items like electronic kettle, spirit, towels, dust cot, mirror, charts( all may cost roughly 7k)

To be precise, about 40k is enough in small town and centre in Kenya.

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The benefits

Assuming you employ someone else to work, giving you 350 daily, it means only seven people are enough for a day, the rest are for the employee. In a month it will be 10,500/. The value doubles or triples when you work alone depending on the quality of service you give to your customers and how you handle your customers.

Now, what if you have three different shops? You will be earning over 30k per month. Think of this and try it out.

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