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What Captivates A Man's Heart And Makes Him Want To Be Yours Perpetually? Follow These Tips

He's a man so, yes, your looks do matter.

Even if men say that a woman's looks are the last thing that they notice, don't believe them. Your physical features are what primarily attracted him to you. So if you want to captivate him for keeps, you've got to work hard in maintaining your good looks and physique.

Relax, act naturally.

Don't pretend that you're a coy woman if you're not. It's better to show him that you're an outgoing and outspoken lass from the onset. Show him that you're still lovable even though you're a little up there when it comes to your energy.

Feel confident, then project an image of self-assurance.

Don't achieve to look like an anorexic supermodel. Just be you. Don't pay for expensive designer clothing unless you can afford them. What's important is that you feel great about yourself and you can project that confidence to the world.

Don't let him see your insecurities.

Don't let this guy smell your insecurity. Though you're jittery, try your best to still appear calm. If you're naturally shy, try to go out there a little. Develop a few social relationships and you'd soon discover that it's great to know a lot of people.

Be a woman of your word.

If you say that you're pro-life, don't retract your statement just because the guy you're eyeing is pro-choice. Just stand by what you believe in and you'd be respected for that.

Give him your full attention when it's his turn to talk.

Just as he would also listen to you, let him see that you would give him your 100% attention when he's going to say something. Focus on him, don't let your mind wander or you'll be embarrassed if he asks you, and then you respond incorrectly.

Make love to him like it's the first time all over again.

Don't just lay there and wait for him to please you! You've got to learn to respond to foreplay. Let him feel that you love what he's doing. Also, learn a few tricks in bed, those that would truly please your man as well.

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