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Skin Care

Practice These 9 Habits Before Going To Bed

Beauty is more a matter of disciplined routines. Follow these beauty routine everyday before going to bed and wake up every morning to a gorgeous you.

1. No make up- Going to bed with makeup on is like sending a cordial invite to skin problems. When you sleep, your skin starts repairing itself, the skin pores opens up and a dermatological patching up happen. Applying makeup as you sleep will result in spots and acne breakout.

2. Hand cream is a must- Wash your hands with warm water and mild soap every night before going to bed. Let them dry and then apply a thick and less greasy hand cream. This will keep the hands moisturized during the night and will help in reducing skin dryness and roughness.

3. Toner is a must- Applying toner helps restore the natural pH levels of your skin hence making your skin resistant to bacteria and other microorganisms. The toner also helps to cleanse your skin out of dirt and impurities.

4. Don't forget the eye cream- Before you sleep, remove all your eye makeup and apply an eye cream. The cream contains peptides that moisturizes and hydrates your eyes, reduce wrinkles and face lines too.

5. Tie your hair- Sleeping with your hair tied spares you from annoyance of tangles and knots in the morning. Hair also contains oils and dirt that can get into your face thereby causing acne.

6. Petroleum jelly for the feet- As you sleep, wash your feet with warm water, pat them dry and apply petroleum jelly. The feet will turn to soft and beautiful as petroleum jelly is used to prevent skin dryness.

7. Brush your teeth every night- Before sleeping, floss and brush your teeth 30 minutes after dinner. Rinse your mouth with warm water afterwards.

8. Use silk pillowcases- Silk contains a number of natural proteins and essential amino acids that are beneficial to your skin. Silk pillowcases don't give silk lines unlike cotton pillowcases.

9. Get a good night's sleep- Lack of sleep can cause dark circles under eyes. So, ensure you sleep atleast 8 hours per night.

Content created and supplied by: NetizennewsKenya (via Opera News )


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