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Ever Wondered Why Most Buddhist Monks Shave Their Heads Clean? Here Is Why

You will often see Buddhist monks in a meditative mood with their heads clean shaven and their legs crossed. If you observe keenly, most of them always have their heads shaven. But have you ever asked yourself why? Please read on in order to get more understanding on the same.

1. Shaving one's head is a mandatory step to becoming a monk

In Buddhism, there is a religious practice called Pabbajja. Pabbajja refers to when a person leaves their home and commits themselves to live the life of a Buddhist renunciate among ordained monks. Shaving one's head is part of Pabbajja. It is a mandatory step to becoming a monk. A Buddhist monk routinely does this in order to keep their head cleanly shaven.

2. It is cost effective and efficient

Without hair, you spend less money on shampoos, hair products, and haircuts. This doesn't just work for Buddhists (you can agree with this fact). Going bald makes life a lot easier. In addition, you are assured of a healthy scalp given that you no longer have to use harsh chemicals or medical shampoos on your head.

How Is This Done?

According to Buddhist belief, one must use a razor to remove hair. They are not supposed to cut hair using a pair of scissors. In addition, plucking or dyeing of gray hair is not allowed. In essence, there is no grooming of hair. Unless you are a Buddhist, you don't have to use a razor blade.

Indeed the monks had it right: go bald for a happier and healthier head! Do you agree with that?

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