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A Student and Her Small Business Idea at Campus

Two years ago I started my earing business and let’s just say that it’s been a roller coaster. I wish this was an article on how my business got to make it to the big leagues but sadly that’s not the case. It has been two years of struggling, failure, frustrations and a lot of losses. I read somewhere that we should know when to give up so I am kind of wondering if this is my cue to just give up.

My small business is not entirely earrings alone but also deals with waist beads, anklets and chokers. You would think that being based on a campus would make everything easier but apparently that’s not the case. Either way don’t mind me my business has not been half as bad, there have been ups and downs but all in all I’m not doing so bad. This brings me to a point I read somewhere, that we all have a skill that sets us apart ,like an unfair advantage. This could be financially, geographically or even timing so this is my unfair advantage , I can work my way around with beads and a few fabric to make something worth selling.

And yes, as much as it is hard and a bit frustrating, I am still glad that I keep going in the long run I have grown in my field. For those people who feel like being creative this is your cue. Here at campus that’s my small business because everyone always needs that extra cash. One of my friends sells second hand clothes another has a cosmetics shop while another does braiding and all the things entailed to hair care. My point is you can always look to create or do something around you that can help people and still help you financially. Feel free to tell me some of the most profitable small business ideas for campus students in the comment section down below. IMAGES[ COURTESY/GOOGLE]

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