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What To Look At If You Want To Own New Clothes

1.Money available.

For you to own the cloth that you desire, you should have money. The amount of money you have will definitely determine the type of cloth you will buy.

2. Current fashion.

Consider the current fashion,buy a cloth that is on fashion at that particular season.

3. Workmanship.

The cloth should be well stitched,it should be well finished.

4. The figure type.

Before you purchase your cloth ensure that it fits your body structure.

5. The occasion

Consider the occasion and also the purpose you are buying clothes for, for example a cloth worn when you are going for a wedding ceremony is different from the cloth you wear when going for a funeral.

6. Weather conditions.

There different clothes for different weather conditions. Cold weather requires one to have heavy clothes and hot weather needs one to have light clothes.

7. The colour.

Choose your favourite colour, the colour that suits your figure.

8. Good quality materials.

Select good quality materials for durability

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