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4 Natural Ways To Remove Pimples Permanently

Pesky pimples are symptoms caused by a skin disease known as Acne . Skin irritation and dryness are some of the common side effects used when conventional methods of treatment are used to treat pimples .

There are a number of acne remedies that have been deemed to support in getting rid of pimples but only a handful of them are useful or proven scientifically legit .

The following ways show and illustrate natural ways to get rid of pimples :

1 .Treat Your Spot With Tree Oil

The tree oil is well known for it's ability to treat skin inflammation and bacteria, Acne and epiderdimis are two forms of bacteria that can be fought with the tree oil .

If you decide to use the process of tree oil to treat your pimples , please use it carefully and safely as it can cause a lot of irritation and make sure to perform a test patch on your skin .

2. Use Essential Oils To Treat Your Spots

Essential oils with antibacterial and antiinflammatory properties can be used to remove pimples quickly .Cinnamon , Rose , Lavender and Clove can fight acne causing bacteria because they are some of the helpful essential oils .

The oils can also be very concentrated hence illicitly irritative on the skin , make sure to dilute all essential oils involved with carrier oil to make it less itchy and immediately discontinue should any intense irritation arise .

3 .Application Of Green Tea On The Skin

Green tea has a lot of health benefits , and some people do even drink it , it can also be an aid when applied to the skin . Flavonoids and Tannins are some of the components that the Green Tea contains that are used to prevent against inflammation and bacteria that causes pimples .

Today several skin products contain green tea and only a few of them are known in success of riding out pimples . It could be applied once or twice per day and even be stored in a refrigerator .

4 . Use Aloe Vera To Moisturize Your Skin

Aloe Vera produces gel from its tropical leaves , it has proved to reduce skin injury , decrease inflammation and bacteria all together meaning that its very effective .

It can be used as treatment for various skin altercations : burns , rashes and cuts . You may also want to mix the aloe vera treatment before you apply it on your skin to eliminate excessive skin irritation.

Content created and supplied by: DavidBrandon (via Opera News )

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