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Four ways to Naturally whiten your teeth

It is the desire of every human being to have a a healthy and clean mouth environment but at some instances you get few individuals with brown teeth.

Yellow or brown teeth doesn't mean you are not healthy but just you have stains. To keep your teeth white and shiny at home you need to do the following more often:

1.Eat fruits

Lemon plays a major role in cleansing your teeth since the acid in it helps in killing bacteria and also removing stains.

2.Avoid starch

Carbohydrates usually stick in your gums when eating hence nourishing bacteria which will cause tooth decay.

3.Regular brushing

Make sure you clean your teeth daily with clean water and soft toothbrush, especially during the morning when the bacteria are still inactive.

4. Sugarcane

Sugarcane flesh helps in making your teeth strong and also cleaning yellow stains.

Keeping your mouth hygiene will make you free from many diseases.

Content created and supplied by: Feloky (via Opera News )

Lemon Sugarcane


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