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Hidden Benefits Of Passion Fruit

Passion fruit is a type of berry which is sweet sour,highly a romatic and has varieties from purple passion fruit to yellow and golden one and also hybrids like the kavery.The juicy fruits also had some great health benefits. Here are surprising benefits of passion fruit:

1•Good for diabetics_Passion fruits has a low glycation index(GI) and high fiber content(10.4%).This makes it a great fruit to maintain insulin levels for diabetics. Fruits like passion fruit are high in fibre like pectin that can make you feel full without increasing the calories intake.

2•Good for skin_ Passion fruit has many types of antioxidants in it like vitamin A,vitamin C, riboflavin and carotene.These antioxidants reduce the production of free radicals in our body.Free radicals are generated by our body cells as a by product and can cause skin aging. The anti inflammatory properties of passion fruit tend to soothe our skin.

3•Enhances immunity_Passion fruit is highly rich in vitamin C,beta cryptoxanthin and alphacarotene that boost your also has iron which increases haemoglobin in our red blood cells.

4•Keeps your heart healthy _Riboflavin (vitamin B6) and niacin (vitamin B3) in passion fruit helps in regulating the thyroid activity in our body. It also prevents hardening of the arterial walls of the heart (a atherosclerosis),keeping your heart functions running smoothly. The phenolic compounds and alkaloids can also help in relieving anxiety and treating insomnia to a certain level.

5•Prevent osteoporosis _Passion fruit is known to be rich in minerals like magnesium,calcium,iron phosphorus,potassium and sodium.These minerals maintain both density,help in speeds recovey of bones and prevent osteoporosis.The ripened fruit is large ,plump and a bit wrinkled.

The smooth one many not be rioe you can have passion fruit with its seeds for more fibrecontent. Blend it in your smoothie make a jam or just have it raw.Thus enough for today on benefits of passion fruit. Please share the article to your friends and family, thanks.

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Passion Fruit


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