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Reasons Why Girls Loves Tall Men

1)Big things happen to tall people. Eighty percent of presidents are tall, like Barrack Obama, Museveni, Paul Kagame, Uhuru Kenyatta, and other presidents. Anyone on the list who was short? That's enough proof that they all become leaders of nations.

2) Tall men are confident. I haven't met a tall man who is afraid and shy. Most of them are sure of themselves and know exactly what they want. If they like a woman, they will tell her. They don't talk around the issue or hang out with her without saying anything, like short men do, and then end up getting water for her wedding. They don't throw money around without making it clear what they want to do. They don't hide anything. It's a confident quality that goes well with men who are tall.

3) Tall people look good. Even if a short man is attractive, no one sees him. A not so good looking tall man will be seen. Just being tall makes you look good. It's a part of the outfit on its own. All of the main actors in movies and soap operas are tall. If they are short, the directors do everything they can to hide it. It is the power of being tall. It doesn't need to be said. Tall draws people in and tells them to stay interested.

4) Women feel more confident around tall men. It's nice to date or marry a tall man. To reach his chest, a woman always has to wear heels. To hug a tall man is like eating an entire bar of chocolate by yourself. When he talks, a woman feels confident when she looks up at him. Not to mention how stupid it feels to complain that you can't keep up with his long steps. Let me save you the trouble of telling you again and again how it feels to be with short men.

5)Tall men are better lovers. Tall men are always a good choice. They are sensitive, don't get angry easily, and don't have low self-esteem. They never get angry or upset. Tall men treat women better because they are strong. Most men who beat women, don't do a good job as fathers, or are bad lovers are men with personality problems. Let's just celebrate tall men, always say hello to them and treat them with respect. If our light bulbs don't work and we don't have a high stool, we'll call tall men to fix it.

African women really like black men who are tall. Today, I hope you'll like what I have to say. Let's all celebrate our tall guys because they are the best. What do you think?


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