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Wedding dress

White party lace dresses

White is a symbol of peace, calmness and purity. As a lady, white colour can be won anywhere. Whether work or any other social function. The following are lace white dresses.

Long white dresses.

The below dresses can only be won in social functions like weddings or outings. The length makes it suitable for a wedding and its plain colour.

Off shoulder dresses are also won in social functions because official functions do not permit dressing in clothes that expose your body except the cleavage.

White fitting dresses

They can be won when attending weddings because the lace makes it more wedding like. They expose the figure since they curve in relation to how the body is curved.

Most people are now going for the mixed lace and cotton. The lace is put on the upper part of the dress while the cotton on the lower part. This makes the dress official somehow hence it can be won while attending official functions.

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