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Check Out How Cute Yemi Alade Looks In Maasai Jewelry

Yemi Alade is a Nigerian Afropop musician who is loved by many due to many things including her beauty, her music, fashion and the way she makes her hair.

The African Queen does love culture, and whatever she does makes sure that her diverse African culture is taken care of. She sell African culture to the world by practicing it either by clothing or in hairstyle.

Today's article we are focused on her hairstyle called tribal ring. Yemi Alade has applied this type of hairstyle in the video of her hit song called 'Home'. She has applied more rings on her hair as a way of beautifying it.

Rings are mostly used in East Africa by the Maasai of Kenya and those in Tanzania. Yemi Alade is trying to be diverse whatever she does be it her culture or any other form of African culture. This is why she is loved more in East Africa than in any other place.

She has made her hair into four portions that she has rolled into four separate wheels - having three wheels at the front while one at the back. This type of hairstyle requires one to have a longer hair for her to achieve it of what she has.

All the thanks goes to hair extensions as anyone is free to this type of hairstyle. This hairstyle is unique either in Africa and abroad as it's only a few Africans who practice it.

When one does this hairstyle successfully, she is a center of attraction to many as it is a way of adoring and promoting our culture.

Have been asking how the hairstyle can look on your head, the African Queen has made the answer available in the music video dupped 'Home'. She does look adorable in this, you can even try it yourself to see how it will work on you.

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