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3 Reasons Why Private Hair Is Extremely Important

1.Acts as infection barrier

Just like the eye lashes and nose hair,pubic hair is very vital in trapping of pathogens in the genital area.Such hair is very vital among the ladies due to the shortness of their urethra.The private hair prevents maladies such as yeast infections, urinary tract infections and some fungal STIs.

2.Increases sensation

The hair follicles occasionally have nerve endings that are unique to the specified area.Such brings about sensations especially when the hair is physically contacted hence makes intimacy more enjoyable.

3.Prevents friction

The respective hair is occasionally known as a dry lubricant.It helps prevent blisters that might be caused by skin to skin friction during intimacy.Such is helpful considering the fact that the skin below is always Soo delicate thus prone to such injuries.

From the above reasons,it is undeniably true that such hair is very vital in one's body hence will be important to maintain them and if need be to shave then don't leave the place bald.Kindly drop in your comments as you like share and follow this channel for more exclusive articles.

Content created and supplied by: NickMwalimu254 (via Opera News )


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