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Negative and positive Effects Of Eating Sukuma Wiki

Health effects of eating Sukumawiki :The collard greens popularly referred to as sukumawiki are made with onions and tomatoes and sometimes some spices .Here are reasons why you should be eating Sukumawiki more regularly;

1•Stronger bones _Sukumawiki has a high content of vitamin K.This vitamin improves the intake of calcium and minimises the excretion of it from our bodies.So if you take Sukumawiki regularly,you can be assured of stronger bones.

2• Better eyesight _Kales have a high context of vitamin A,which strengthens the eyes and also boosts night vision.lf you discover that yout eyesight is weakening because of age,it will be a good idea to start incorporating sukumawiki into your daily diet.

3•lmproves skin appearance _Sukumawiki is one way you could use to help brighten your skin's overall look. Collard greens contains vitamin C which is responsible for smoothing and repairing skin tissues.

4•Boost immunity _Iron is a mineral found in collard greens that enables the formation if blood cells and hence boosts the immune system of a person.lron also helps in oxygen circulation,which is a life saver to anaemic people. So if you need a strong immune system,sukumawiki is your meal.

5•Effecient digestion _Sukumawiki contains fibre which is responsible for aiding the digestion system with the whole process of digestion. The fibre is also said to lower cholesterol levels in the body,thus helping you lose that extra weight you may have.

•Side effects of eating Sukumawiki;

1• Dehydration _ Sukumawiki unlike other vegetables are diureti in nature.Excess and regular consumption of sukumawiki could lead to body dehydration. The dehydration condition occurs due to frequent urination,the urine is meant to get rid of the excess toxin present in sukumawiki as a result one loses alot of water.

2•Stomach upsets _ As we all know sukumawiki contain fibres which reduces constipation. However,too much fibres can lead to poor food absorbed indigestion and intestines bloating. Its recommended that one should moderate sukumawiki consumption for better health.

3•Allergic reactions _ Sukumawiki contains minerals,Vitamins and antioxidant.Accumulation of antioxidant and mineral causes allergic reactions such running nose , nausea and dizziness. For health living it is recommended to consume Sukumawiki at maximum of 4 times a week no more no less.

Sukumawiki is undoubtedly a very nutrients meal in most Kenyan homes.As we have seen,sukumawiki can improve many aspects of your health fortunately,sukumawiki turns out to be one of the most affordable foods in Kenya. Thanks for reading and following

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