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Strange Gigantic Shoes Cause Fracas at Kibera Area 42| Mungai Eve Pays 25K To Own Them

Some gigantic shoes with the looks of those of a cowboy had caused a Fracas as Mungai Eve Paid 25k to own them.

Michael Omondi, who's the brain behind the shoes was inspired in making the shoes by a client's idea who had come with a sample of the shoes in a picture form.

The shoe however takes a period of about one week to be fully mend with the hart taking atleast 2 days to be made.

The material used I mending up the shoe is the water drum metal whereby they're are molded to that particular shape then bind together by a welding machine.

The painting of the gigantic shoes however depends on the clients taste with the manufacturer's preferring to use varnish paint to prevent them from rust.

However, despite the manufacturer revealing the shoe to be going for KSh 25,000 Mungai allegedly paid for the shoes just in order to own them.

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