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Meet the Tribe Where Women Sharpen Their Teeth to Look Beautiful

Many people finds it difficult to explain what beauty is. According to the definition, beauty is the general attractiveness or what gives exact pleasure in a person.

In many African communities, women are the in the center stage of beauty.

Despite many people saying that the beauty of a woman is reflected in the soul and how they treat people, physical beauty is also important.

The pygmy people of the democratic republic of Congo are known to be among the shortest people in the world since they are about 4 feet tall.

The pygmies sharpens their front teeth which is known as the incisors so as to look beautiful.

Women in this community use a chisel and a sharp blade to sharpen their front teeth.

The sharpening is done by elderly women in the community who are experienced in this art.

Young women are attracted to this culture as they believe that it makes them look more attractive in presence of their male peers.

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