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Skin Care

Opinion: Enrich Your Skin, Apply This Remedy Before Bedtime To Appear Several Years Younger

Appearance of wrinkles should be identified at an early stage before a full blown occurrence that will be much challenging to counter erupts. Lines of weaknesses may begin to form in the region around the eyes and across the forehead.

This remedy will definitely do the trick for you. It is rich in vitamin C, fiber and has abundance of potassium. The potassium upon continuous use will tighten the loose skin. Medical research practitioners reveal that antioxidants such as tannins and anthocyanin available in this helped decrease incidence of age spots and wrinkles. Though they do not eliminate them entirely, they will boost skin quality thus improving your appearance making you look years younger.

You Will Need The Following.

10 grams of dry pomegranate seeds

1 citrus fruit

Chopping block

Fresh aloe Vera leaf Mortar and pestle



Cotton balls

How To Prepare.

Transfer the pomegranate dry seeds into a mortar. Use the pestle to grind the seeds into smaller more refined particles. Set it aside.

Wash the fresh aloe Vera leaf using clean water and dry it out. Place on a chopping block an use the knife to cut off the rough edges exposing the fleshy juicy parts. Scrap them off into a different bowl and use the wooden spoon to mash it up. Add this to the powdered pomegranate seeds.

Wash the citrus fruit using clean water. Slice in the middle and squeeze out all of the juice into the mixture as you continue to stir.

How To Use.

Wash your face using warm water to ready your pores for the remedy. Use the cotton wool balls to dip into the remedy and apply on your face. Apply a thick layer on your skin for more effective results. Let it rest for twenty more minutes as your skin soaks in the natural ingredients. Wash off and observe the results in the morning. Those that are looking for a much quicker result are advised to eat fresh pomegranate fruits, in this way you can get most of the antioxidants directly.

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