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Skin Care

How to make your skin smoother.

Everyone admires a smooth looking skin.Most people tend to forcefully force their skin to appear smooth using chemicals without considering the damage it can cause.Some chemicals have severe impacts on the body and can cause permanent marks.

It is adviceable go use natural ways to improve the appearance of our skin.

These are the recommended ways to smoothen our skins naturally.

1. Use Retinol

This is an anti-aging property which is a derivative of vitamin .and resurfacing ingredient which stimulates collagen and improve fine lines and winkles.

2 Vitamin C

Vitamin c helps reduce sun spots and brighten your complexion.It acts as an antioxidant and prevents damage from free radicals.

3.Use a humidifier

One of the causes of moisture loss and dryness if skin is hair conditioning.Using a humidifier while sleeping will add moisture into the skin and oils will signal the skin not to overproduce moisture.

4.Using the right Moisturizer

Moisturizing is necessary in keeping your complexion soft and smooth, but in order to utilize your lotion maximum ,you must choose one which March your skin.If you have sensitive, dry skin choose a moisturizer that is composed of ceramides to hydrate and repair your skin’s barrier.If your skin is dry, then you will want to utilize ceramides and restore moisture to your skin cells.

5.Regular Exfoliation

By doing this you get rid of dead skin cells and eliminate dirt , bacteria and build up that accumulates on your skin surface .It removes impurities and oils and assist in product penetration and also aids proper circulation.Choice of Exfoliate to use will depend on your skin type.

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