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7 Garments From The Past That Have Become Trendy Again Today

Low rise pantsThis fashion was hated by many and loved by others, they may have been the worst invention for those who never felt comfortable showing their belly, although many celebrities knew how to wear them with ease. The garment that designer Alexander McQueen established and that celebrities like Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears made their hallmark, to the joy of some and misfortune of others and returned to the catwalks of fashion week in September 2020 and might very well be here to stay.

CrocsThis sandals have been very popular in a few decades ago and they were characterized to be more comfortable. Besides being customizable and coming in a huge variety of colors, they could be worn the whole day without feeling tired. Although this brand of clogs was about to disappear completely around 2009, now they’re back to give our outfits a comfortable feel.

Butterfly clipsHair accessories were very famous back in the 2000s, the more you had on your head, the cooler you were. Butterfly barrettes came in a wide variety of colors and shapes and were so chic that they became part of celebrity hairstyles on TV and red carpets.

TracksuitsThey usually came in bright colors, like pink, blue, or green, and were so famous that the brand that produced them, Juicy Couture, earned millions of dollars for this model. However, as fashion is a cycle that always comes back, the tracksuit found its perfect place as they’ve become popular again today.

BandanasScarves and bandanas were all the rage 20 years ago, and many girls wore them as a hair accessory. Scarf regained strength when the most famous designers included them in their fall-winter 2020-2021 collection catwalks to show us that they’re still a force to be reckoned with and can complement any outfit.

Colored glassesThese type of accessory that complements any outfit is officially back in the same range of colors that were used in the crazy 2000s. These colorful little glasses have already started to be seen on celebrities’ social media pages to show us that protecting yourself from the sun can be as fun as it is vintage.

Denim on denimSome poople love it and some hate it, but no one can deny that denim on denim was the fashion trend that set the 2000s apart from any other year. The trend of wearing lots of denim together was a favorite of stars like Victoria Beckham, Naomi Campbell, and Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake, which we all saw when they combined outfits in 2001 and created one of the most memorable moments in the fashion and music world in the early millennium.

However, both jeans, shirts and jackets of the same fabric that people used to wear in the past, they were brought back in various garments and styles in 2019.

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