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Different ways To plait the latest Nubian Twist

Nubians twist is a name which has been derived from the name Nubian.The Nubian is an ethnic group located in present day Northern Sudan and Southern Egypt .

The Nubians are said to have originated from the Nile Valley.

That aside, the Nubian twist are the latest hairstyles in market . As is much known ladies like classic and latest hairstyles .They too like hairstyles that do not consume too much of their time while they are being plaited .They also like hairstyles which are relatively within their budget line and those which will last for a pretty good time.

Furthermore, ladies like hairstyles which do not appear like bulk on their heads.Consequently , some ladies may shy from trying them .And so, l myself having tried them l will like to show you how they look on our heads.

Moreover, the hair can be twisted or crocheted .The below are the pictures;

(courtesy of my phone)

(Other photos are in the courtesy of Goggle.)

Hope you have known how will you plait yours incase you have to.Goodluck and appreciate yourself for being a lady .

Content created and supplied by: PRISCILLARPRINCESS (via Opera News )

Goggle. Nile Valley Nubian Nubian Twist Nubians


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