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Skin Care

Acne removal tips at home that will take less than a week

Acne occurrence on the face is most peoples concern and therefore tips on how to clear acne are essential in getting those worries away. However, before one things of acne control, they must first understand the origin of acne or the causes of those disgusting red bumps.

The skin usually has sebaceous glands underneath that provide moisture and lubrication, but sometimes they get clogged. When bacteria clogs, blemishes and acne pop upon the face and that way your glow is ruined.

How to control these occurrences and get rid of the pimples quickly;

1.Warm compress

Steaming and using a warm cloth on the face helps in bringing the dirt on the surface, controlling that blemish while leaving your face revitalized.

2.Spot & acne treatment

Always ensure you wash off makeup at night to avoid clogging and use a moisturizer. Use spot treatment to get rid of those stubborn pimples once they surface such as tea tree oil, aloe Vera gel.

3.Cleanse regularly

Cleaning your face regularly is good since oil glands are active all day long and could block your pores when the oil combines with dirt and makeup. In the context where cleaning the face is a task, one can consider cleansing towels or wipes.

4.Carefully apply home made remedies.

Organic products and home made facial products are effective and cost efficient, but many times if not used properly they can cause harm. For instance, a lemon facemask could irritate the skin if overused and even damage it making it sensitive and skin burn prone.

5.Use light makeup

Due to the body's tendency to moisturize and oil itself, consider mostly using light and oil free makeup on the face. With beauty products being the cause of many breakouts probably due to the chemicals and skin reactions differently, doing light makeup could help since a lot of makeup clogs the pores and only hides blemishes for a short time.

6.Diet control.

A lot of protein intake has been proven to be a main cause of acne. Minimizing stress and maintaining a low sugar diet and protein intake controls acne. A diet that consists of lots of vegetable and fruit intake provides moisture in the diet that is in turn used by the body to moisturize and excrete dirt and other impurities that cause acne.

7.Meditation and Exercise.

Stress has been seen before as an acne cause, meditation goes a long way in controlling stress and could be the ultimate goal in achieving that desirable face glow. Exercising on the other hand refreshes and relaxes the body helping it release the build up oil through sweat that is eventually excreted from the body and this cleanses the pores leaving your skin clean.

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