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5 things you should look out for when buying Quality jeans

We all buy and use jeans, but we don't know the proper long lasting jeans. Here are specifications for proper jeans:

1. Fabric

The best jeans fabric is denim. Denim is a long lasting rugged cotton twill fabric.

2. Bet loops

Loops that help hold the belt are known as bet loops. All jeans have a rule to have not more than 5 bet loops to allow the belt to provide maximum support.

If a jeans has fewer than 5 belt loops, it's better not to buy it because the belt won't fit well.

3. The size of pockets

The back pocket in jeans is known as a watch pocket. It was originally made for men to store their pocket watches. A good jeans should have a back pocket that start mid-way your bottom, and end around the tops of thighs.

4. Distance between pockets

If there's too much space between the pockets hips will visually increase. In contrast, if it is too small, hips will appear smaller.

5. Labels

A proper jeans should have a label. The leather can be made from leather or fabric. Symbols are other indica tors of good quality jeans

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