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Skin Care

Dear Women, Use This Natural Remedy To Make Your Skin Glow


Aloe Vera gives the skin a glowing appearance not only because of its richness in antioxidants but also due to its nutritious nature. In others words, it has proteins, vitamins, minerals, sugars and antioxidants which aid your skin's health.


Aloe Vera works in the following ways;

Aloe vera contains a compound known aloesin that helps fade dark spots by preventing hyperpigemented skin from producing more melanin, a pigment which when overproduced, enables the dark spots to form.

Aloe Vera has a protein antioxidant known as mellallothionein that protects skin from sunburns caused by Ultra Violet radiation. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that facilitate the skin healing process.

Despite the fact that aloe vera innermost layer contains water, it contains sugars known as mucopolysaccharides that help to retain moisture in the skin.

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