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Kitenge/Ankara African Wear For Men 2021

Pursuant to a circular from the office of the Attorney General dated October 17, 2019, government staff were directed to promote local manufacturing industry by wearing locally made clothes that have the African spirit on Fridays and Public holidays. This has really promoted local tailors who haven’t been left behind by producing Kitenge/Ankara attires that are both artistic and creative. Most designers preferred women garment as opposed to men due to the high demand they fatch in terms of sales and profit.

Over the years, young tailors have emerged with futuristic designs which have the aspect of old fashion incorporated in them to lure the taste of men into the fashion world. We have very creative and artistic Kitenge/Ankara designs for men that are on another level.

Even though the prices of African wear seem expensive, over the years Kitenge/Ankara fabric prices have dropped to an affordable rate thanks to our brothers and sisters from West Africa who have made it possible by producing in large quantities to be able to meet with the rise in demand. So far there are thousands of designs already in the market incorporating different African cultures within the continent.

So far, many young Kenyans have had the opportunity to be self employed by venturing in tailoring these awesome African wears for men and the trend is reducing the high rate of unemployment in the country. For instance, the price of an African wear for men ranges between Kshs. 1,500 up to Kshs. 20,000 depending on the fabric and design. This may vary in terms of shirt only, trouser only, suits or both.

It’s high time for Kenyans to embrace locally manufactured goods that are more fashionable and durable while promoting our local entrepreneurs. This will in the long run reduce the rate of unemployment while improving our country’s economy.

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African Ankara Kitenge


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