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The Amount of Money the Barber With an AXE Gets From 10 Customers

Julius Mwangi is a person who has been a barber since 2014 and he started using an axe three months ago to shave his customers.Mwangi drew his inspiration from a man he saw using an axe to shave with great dexterity.Mwangi's barbershop is located in Thindigua Kiambu County.The name of his business is Clippers Kings barbershop.He told Inooro Tv that some of his potential customers back out after they learn he will use an axe to shave them and not the electric shaving machine,but some of his clients are happy with his work.Speaking in his native Kikuyu language,the barber told Inooro Tv,some people come to take photos when he is at work.Julius says the advantage of using the axe is when one wants to shave Jordan style and he can continue working even when their is a power shortage.Mwangi charges Ksh 500 per client and on a busy day,he makes Ksh 5000 from ten clients when shaving using the axe.Please share and comment.

Source(The Informer whownskenya)

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