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Have A Zoom Interview Coming up? Don’t Stress. Here's How To Prepare In The Best Way

The Technology - Download and test the software - Check your internet connection, make sure you have a strong connection. it is quite embarassing to experience connection problems during an interview as it show you have not prepared. Also, determine the best audio setup (speakers, headphones, headset). A headset or headphones wouuld be the best choice as it would not alert anyone near you to your interview. You would have the focus on you and the Interviewer.

The Setting - Find an area with good lighting, you and your interviewer should be able to view each other clearly withou any dark shadows. Sit somewhere quiet because background nosie is a very big turnoff in a n interview and ruins concentration. Make sure the area in view of the camera is tidy.

The Outfit - Add a pop of color. (Just make sure you check how it looks on camera BEFORE the interview. If you're not sure, stick to solid, neutral colors.) - Iron your clothing - Go for this trusty combo: blazer, button down or blouse, and pants or a skirt.

A couple days before your interview, make sure all of this is in order. You'll feel more prepared and less stressed day of.

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