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Remember The Woman Who Turned Her Skin From White To Black? See Her Recent Beautiful Photos

Human beings have the right to do whatever they wish with their bodies. They are free to modify their different organs to enlarge them or change their shapes and colour.

These modifications include tattooing, bleaching among others. A German lady by the name Martina Big shocked the world in 2017 by changing her skin from white to black.

Finding people who change their skin color from black to white is common among most black people. However, Martina's case was a unique one.

Ms Big made headlines when she started the journey of transforming herself to a black African woman.

Her transformation came after she spent more than Ksh 6 million to have breast implants that earned her the tag "the woman with the biggest boobs in Europe."

She later underwent melanin injections that completely changed the color of her skin to black.

Below are her photos before changing her skin color;

After changing her skin color, this is how Martina looks like.

Content created and supplied by: Diplojnr (via Opera News )

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