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Skin Care

Wash Your Face And Head Using Ash And See These Changes

Ash is a very powerful agent which can be used to cleanse and soften the skin.Also ash,especially volcanic ash is one of the nature's most powerful purifier.

Here are the changes you are likely to experience if you use Ash on your face and head;

1.Ash helps in removing dead skin cells from the skin.

When one uses ash on his/her face, it penetrates deep into the skin and soften the dry skin and dead cells hence making the skin soft and shinny.

2.It helps in clarifying and smoothening the skin

Volcanic ash soap has the exfoliated properties which helps in smoothening the skin.

In order to work effectively you have to balance out its effects by effects by using humectants of the same product.

3.It helps in removing dandruffs from the head

Since ash is rich in minerals,it as an antioxidant and antibacterial exfoliant which can help in removing dandruffs.

Sometimes it can be difficult to use ash because it can irritate you.But you are advised to use it carefully inorder for it to work effectively.

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