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Eat This Not That, Health Benefits Of Tumeric

Turmeric, curcumin health benefits: anti-inflammatory ...

Tumeric, locally known as manjano is a common food spice that has a lot of nutritional and medicinal values. It has been used by both the indians and the chinese from time immemorial for different medicinal purposes. Among the numerous health benefits are the following; (please don't forget to hit the follow button for more updates)

3 tips to optimize turmeric’s cancer-fighting powers ...

Fresh tumeric

1.A natural beauty treatment

It has been used by the indians as a natural beauty treatment for many centuries. It has been confirmed beyond doubt that tumeric helps reduce acne, treats eczema, removes black skin spots and even romove wrinkles in the face. It can be applied topically over the face or even be included in diets. Either way it serves a good beauty treatment.

2.Reduces the chances of Colon Cancer

Studies conducted on the tumeric has revealed that it contains a sunbstance called curcumin which reduces the chances of contracting cancer by 40% in adults.

Turmeric Skin Benefits | LIVESTRONG.COM

tumeric powder

3.Enhances Memory Performance

The curcumin in tumeric helps boosts brain perfomance and helps reduce the risk brain disease by boosting the neurotrophic factor.(well, that's alot of biology and we'll not go deep into that, for the sake of this article just understand that tumeric improves memory perfomance, however ridiculous it may seem).

4.Lowers Cholesterol

Tumeric helps lower cholestrol in the following 3 ways;

  1. Reducing the time it spends on the blood stream.
  2. Reducing the oxidation of LDL cholesterol
  3. Increasing the efficiency of LDL cholesterol

5.Lessens the pain of arthritis

6.Reduces pain and body infalammation

tumeric plant

Please ensure that you make tumeric part and parcel of you diet, it will help improves your health.

Thank you for reading, see you in the next article of eat this not that.

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