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These Products Will Leave Your Face Clean Of Pimples And Black Spots

Acne is a battle that almost everyone faces and the worst of it are the black scars that are left behind once they heal. As if dealing with acne wasn't already a troublesome task, the post acne dark spots secure a place on your face like bad tattoos. There are tons of products that promise to heal the spots but fail to do so. Here are products that are effective in healing pimples and the resultant dark spots.

1. Use of vitamin C - it is highly effective in fading away acne dark spots. It occurs naturally in many citrus fruits and is a popular ingredient for many cosmetic ranges. Choose a good vitamin C serum and apply it every day after cleaning your skin.

3. Try Retinol to reduce dark spots - this is one of the best ingredients for getting rid of dark spots. It is so far known to transform the skin texture and recovering any damage that the skin has undergone. This product has the ability to penetrate through the skin deep enough to treat dark spots that aren't visible yet.

3. Buttermilk - it is rich in lactic acid and therefore great for gently exfoliating dark skin cells and brightening the skin. Apply buttermilk to your face with a ball cotton. Let it sit for about 20 minutes before you wash it off.

4. Lemon juice - being one of the common citrus fruits, it has a high content of vitamin C. Applying lemon juice on your face will help anyone with oily acne prone skin and aid in fading dark spots quickly.

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