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Tips to Growing Amazing Hair

Taking care of your hair and accelerating it's growth is very easy. Things like rice water, toothpaste, avocados,eggs and other hilarious suggestions for hair growth that have been advocated for on different websites have turned out not to be effective. Going to an extent of purchasing expensive hair products that at times do not match your hair type is unnecessary and might end up damaging the hair. Here are the easiest ways to maintain and grow good hair.

One of the simplest things you can do is spraying your hair on a daily basis with clean pure water .This helps to keep it moisturized and keeps the sculp from itchiness. Applying affordable oils like baby care or vaseline to your hair atleast twice a week is also import to get rid of dandruff and maintain a shinny look.

Before going to bed, it is advisable to tie a cloth on your head or part your natural hair into sections and plait a simple pattern, do not sleep in free mode to prevent hair breakage through friction between your head and the pillows.

Apply Aloe Vera or row Shea Butter to the tips of your hair and avoid hairstyles that are harmful to your hairline .Remember to give your sculp a break, after undoing your hair try staying for atleast a week or two without plaiting immediately.

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