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Do you have a gap between your teeth? This is what it means.

Many people are born with Gap between their teeth particularly the front two teeth. These gaps can be simple aesthetic difference or a cause of dental problems. The suitable technical term for the gap is diastema for a single gap and diastemata for multiple gaps. The gap can develop anywhere in your mouth but the most common occurs between the upper two incisors.

The gap is influenced by several factors of which includes;

1.often the gap forms between the teeth as a result of being born with a jaw that is too large for the teeth or vice versa, that is teeth are too small for the jaw.

2. Gaps are hereditary too. Tooth alignment issues are genetic in origin passed from one generation to another.

The gap also symbolizes beauty in many parts of the world like Ghana. Moreso the gap is also considered a sign of Fortune. If you have two upper incisors far apart enough to protude your tongue between them ,then count yourself lucky. Here is a list of popular celebrities having a gap between their teeth, Elijah wood,Madonna,Chris brown others.

Don't you think the gap is a a sign of beauty and attractiveness,icon of confidence and self respect?

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