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4 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Wearing Earings

Earings are some of the most important jewelry one should have. Here are 4 mistakes to avoid when wearing earings.

1. Picking the wrong earrings for your face

The earrings you pick should be flattering to the shape of your face. Select earrings that are flattering to the shape of your face or wear shape-neutral earrings.

2. Wearing earrings that don't go with your clothes

You need to wear earrings that go with your outfit. For instance, there are earings that can't be won with a business suit, in other words they are not official.

3. Failing to match your accessories

Let your earings match with other accessories. Find materials that suit each other and also make sure your earings blend as well as your clothes. If your outfit is blue let your earings be blue and so on.

4. Wearing the wrong earrings to an occasion

There are different types of earings suitable for different occasions. Ostentatious earings are best suited for parties or cocktail events. The ones with dull colours are suitable for official events.

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