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Meet a Barber Who Uses an Axe to Shave His Customers in Kiambu

For majority of men who suffer from irritation and razor bumps after using electric shavers to cut their hair or beards often get challenges finding razors that would not lead to the problem which keeps on recurring every time one has shaved. 

Razor bumps and irritation are occasionally caused by skin sensitivity while some people say that it is caused by allergies. This makes shaving to be quite challenging for some men where some even suffer ingrown hairs. To avoid these challenges one has to arguably use razors that will not cause the problem. 

There are so many types of razers designed for sensitive skins. One may prefer to use the traditional razor that has multiple blades or use single blade safety razor that offer solution to sensitive skins. 

However in Thindigua, Kiambu County a barber identified as Julius Mwangi has taken the shaving game to a notch higher. Mwangi who charges Sh300 to cut beards and Sh500 to shave the scalp, skillfully wields a razor sharp axe to achieve a close shave. According to Mwangi, the razor sharp axe offers a solution to those who have sensitive skins. 

But for those worried about an axe hanging over their heads, Mwangi shaves them using the electric shaver.


Content created and supplied by: Guten-Morgen (via Opera News )

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