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Mistakes Salonist do That Reduces Hair Growth Rate and Volume

Using the wrong brush:

Choosing the correct brush to style your hair is key. Salonist tend to use the nearest brush yet tiny brush should not be used to style hair that has not been straightened hence it will require alot of force to brush. Also don't allow brushes that are meant to do wigs on your natural hair. 

Waiting for the hair to dry.

Salonist should wait until the hair is 70-80% dry before they begin to brush through it. Brushing immediately means you’re brushing out the conditioning treatments, good oils and nutrients. If you have time allow your hair to rest for a while before brushing.

Using hairspray and heat:

Don't allow your salonist to spraying your hair before or during blow-dry hence it makes the hair to produce some sizzling sound meaning it is burning. The alcohol in the hairspray comes into contact with the hot blow-dryer producing heat that burns the hair.

Correct shampooing

At first using the correct shampoo that has the right PH balance for your hair and scalp is crucial. For instance if you dye your hair you should use sulfate-free shampoos that are gentle detergents to protect the dye from fading. Dry hair needs hydration therefore go for nourishing shampoos.The next mistake is how they shampoo your hair, it should be done slowly scrubbing every part of the scalp with the fingertips. This helps to increase blood flow bringing nutrients to the hair follicle stimulating growth. Lastly the hair should be rinsed thoroughly to wash away the detergents.

Hair Sectioning

Most salonist comb the hair randomly in big sections making the hair to break. Hair should be divided into small portions that are easy to comb without putting alot of force.

Applying product at your roots

When using hair products always focus oils, creams and serums on the ends unless it is meant for the roots or scalp.

Washing your hair too often:

Some salonist tend advice clients to wash their hair on daily basis and apply certain leave in detergents which doesn't work for everyone. The harm you do by washing your hair every day is removing the essential oils it needs to remain healthy.

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