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Foods That Will Naturally Maintain And Whiten Your Teeth For A Better Smile

Are you trying to achieve naturally White and shining teeth? Do you want an attractive smile? Well, the remedy to getting white teeth is simple. Despite regular dental brushing and dental flossing, consuming some meals will bring whiteness to your teeth. These foods are equipped with several nutrients to help you fight dental problems and other dental cavities. Healthy teeth and gums make it easy for you to eat well and enjoy the food. Let's take a look at these foods;

1. Lemons

Eating more lemons makes the mouth produce more saliva which interns washes the teeth directly. Its acidic content fights with the gums to remove the plaque thus leaving you with teeth freshness.

2. Watermelon

This is one of the most amazing Fruit to give you brighter teeth. Watermelon contains malic acid that plays a role in lightening your teeth and promoting the production of saliva. And the fibrous texture in melons helps in brushing out the dark contents in your teeth thus leaving them white.

3. Yoghurt

The presence of lactic acid in dairy products gives them a better solution to tooth decay and bleeding gums. People who take yogurt 3 times a week have little or no problems with tooth decay to those who didn't. Proteins present in yogurt give it a guard and prevent the teeth from being attacked by harmful acids. Yoghurt also makes it easier to dental floss thus removing food particles becomes easy.

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