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Get Your Glow On...10 Ways On How to Take Care of Your Skin

To take care of your skin you need a consistent skin routine so as to maintain a beautiful and healthy skin. These are some few tips to help you;


Exercises as we all know it is great for our entire body and health but also its great for our skin as it decreases stress which in turn decreases the level of cortisol in our body. Increase in cortisol results in acne and skin irritation .

2.No Smoking

Smoking causes the pores to close which leads to occurrence of pimples. Breathe clean air as heavy pollution has a severe effects to your skin.

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3.Avoid performed lotions and detergents

Before using any skin products check the ingredients as they may irritate if your skin is so sensitive.Therefore use oil and fragrance free products which reduces the likelihood for skin acne or pimples breakouts.

4.Limit your time under the sun

Do you know that sun is the major cause of skin aging and even skin cancer and before deciding to bask in the sun, apply sunscreen on your skin to avoid skin damage then you can go out.

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5.Drink Water

Lot of water helps and feeds the skin from the inside therefore keep your skin hydrated by drinking a lot of water. Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water daily to avoid itchy, dry and wrinkly skin.

6.Healthy diet

Eat as much fruits and greens as possible as they are hydrating foods and try to avoid glcemic diets, dairy or any triggering foods that you are allergic to.

7.Treat your skin gently

Daily cleansing and shaving can really affect your skin so try to limit and refrain from scrubbing the skin excessively or over exfoliating because it causes overproduction of oils on the skin that affects the skin.

8.Opt out of sugar

Too much of sugar strains the body and skin and also may cause a surge in the insulin and inflammation which may cause the skin to be vulnerable and more acne production.

9.Moisturize your skin

Moisturizing your skin helps in making it soft and clean smoothing it. Remember to use your skin type moisturizer for effective results.

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10.Good hygiene

Change sheets and pillowcases at least twice a week to avoid the dirt and oils also change clothing immediately after sweating and working out.

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