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The Habits You Must Stop To Avoid Yellow Teeth and Bad Breath

Yellow teeth and bad breath is a major challenge among many people in the world. It's a challenge to them because they can't grin or laugh in public as they're afraid how their teeth looks on the outside. To some it is even an everlasting problem and they have tried any method to do away with it. The human mouth is one of part of the body which requires a lot of attention and the right hygiene routine. These people with yellow teeth and bad oduor are oftenly downgraded in public.

Having a bad breath or yellow teeth is always regarded as a personal fault or laziness. These are some of habits you must avoid to do away with yellow teeth and bad breath.

1. The habit of not cleaning your tongue as you brush your teeth.

2. The habit of not brushing your teeth on daily basis in the morning and at night before sleeping.

3. Using one toothbrush for more than 3 months.

4. Addicted or dependency on smoking.

5. Leaving meal debris on enamel for a long period.

6. The habit of not rinsing your mouth after every meal.

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