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15 stylish ideas on what men can wear for the cold season

The cold season is upon us and dressing up seems to be a problem for most men. Most of them just throw on ton and tons of heavy cloths and are ready for the day. This is not the case as these stylish ideas will help you brave this cold season in style.

1. Wear an overcoat

A long overcoat can be worn overall other clothes including a full suit. This long coat helps keep one warm on all parts of the body.

2. Dress in all black

Wear all clothes in black from the trench coat to the sweater. These can keep you warm and they can match the cold bleak weather.

3. Wear a denim jacket

A heavy fur lined denim jacket can help keep the man warm. It is stylish and functional at the same time.

4. A double breasted peacoat

Peacoats used to be worn by sailors in the late years. They are double breasted to protect the chest from cold and have high collars to prevent the neck from the frigid cold air.

5. Suit and a pull neck

Suits are usually worn with a button down shirt but during cold weather they can be substituted for a pull neck. The pull neck can be knitted or woven.

6. Colored coat and turtle neck

Mismatched suits are a statement maker and wearing them with a turtle neck during a cold weather can help one be warm and stay stylish.

7. Wear scarves

Scarves have been in style for generations and wearing them during the cold can keep your neck warm. They can be knotted or layered on the neck and placed inside the coat or jacket. The scarves can match the shirt, tie or suit.

8. Wear a trilby hat and coat

Trilby hats have narrow brims. They can be worn for the rainy season. They are waterproof and keeps one dry. Hats match well with other outfits such as a coat and tie.

9. Fedora and scarf

Dressing all warm with a peacoat, scarf and a fedora can keep one warm during a cold day. Fedoras have wider brims that can keep away the rain from your face and hair. This can help prevent one from getting a cold.

10. Cardigans

Cardigans are mostly worn during cold weather. They come in different colors and can be worn under the coat or jacket.

11. Parka

A parka is a puffed up coat with a fur or faux fur hoodie. They are worn in extremely cold conditions. They protect you and still look cool.

12. Puffer jacket

Puffer jacket is a form of quilt with sewn puffed sections. They come in many designs and can help keep the cold at bay.

13. Beanie

Beanies with different colors can be worn to protect the head and ears from the biting cold.

14. Socks and boots

Wear heavy socks to keep your feet warm. A good pair of boots can be worn to keep wetness from the body. During rainy season heavy boots can keep the water from your feet when busy outside.

15. Gloves

The chilling cold can make fingers numb. To prevent them from losing any felling in them wear a pair of gloves. They will keep them warm.

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