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Skin Care

"How To Appear Younger

Looking young is a desire of almost everyone in today's society. Many people would love to always remain young and enjoy their youthful years to fullest.

Here is a guide on how to appear 15 years younger than your actual age and look like a youth.

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1. Check your wardrobe.

Keeping in check of your wardrobe and being fashionable is key in looking young.

This is achieved through being updated on the fashion in town and aiming at acquiring it. Be informed on the changing cultures and also try to minimize on elders quorum/ talks by engaging the youths more.

2. Take hot water daily.

Hot water is an important factor in skin hydration.

When taken on an empty stomach early in the morning, hot water acts as a hydrating agent and thus helping in activating the digestive system to normal temperatures after a period of rest.

It also helps in dissolving undigested fats in the body.

3. Use anti-aging creams.

There are various anti-aging substances and creams in the market today. If you would love to appear young, acquire some and add them in your beauty wardrobe.

In doing this, one should should consult a medical officer on the appropriate types of make up that suit his/her skin to avoid side effects and skin problems.

4. Add fruits in your diet.

Fruits such as melons, apples, oranges, grapes, passion etc. are among the most effective in this case since they contain large amounts of water which accounts to about 95% of the body components.

Adding a fruit or two in your meals matters a lot to the development of your body tissues. Remember fruits are sources of vitamins which are major elements in protecting the body against disease causing infections and also assist in replenishing warn out tissues majorly on the skin.

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