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Facts About Dreadlocks You Didn't Know; How They Are Formed And Their Health Effects (Photos).

Dreadlocks Formation.

Dreadlocks aka dreads are rope-like clumps of hair formed by braiding hair. They can also be formed organically when a person refrains from combing or brushing his or her hair. Dreadlocks grow just as fast as loose hair does, but due to the nature of the dreadocking process, an individual may not be able to notice dreads growing at all for the first year or two.

Health Effects Of Dreadlocks.

Dreadlocks have serious health effects which include the following.

1. Heavy dreads can cause your hair roots to pull at the scalp, causing gradual hair loss.

2. Dreadlocks can form habitats for dangerous insects like lice, spiders and bugs if not we'll cleaned. These insects suck blood and cause skin irritation.

3. Mold can grow in your dreadlocks if your hair is not properly dried after washing. This produces a mildew-like smell that is really difficult to get rid of.

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