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Skin Care

If Hot Water Pours On You Accidentally, Please Do This Immediately

Once or twice in our lives we have all experienced hot water accidents or sometimes hot oil might ju accidentally pour on you. Of this happens you have to stay calm and not freak out.

There are some certain pros and cons associated with it since it has to do with your skin. You are going to know about what to do first in this article in case of emergency situations.

1. Access The Situation

First thing to do is to try to identify the degree of the burns. Watch out for signs of first degree burns. How worse a burn could be is determined by the level of the burns. Higher degree burns is actually the worst type no one would dare to wish for.

You might be wondering how first degree burns are identified.

How To Know It' s A First Degree Burn

1. First degree burn damages the top layer of the skin.

2. The skin becomes red, painful and dry.

3. The skin turns white when you press it.

4. They would heal within 3 to 6 days.

2. Cleaning The Burn

Cleaning is very necessary to avoid having an infection. If the wound is minor you can take care of it at home by cleaning the burn. Just dip the affected spot into cold water.

Avoid running water over it because because it can damage the skin and cause a scar. Don' t use hot water and disinfectants. Just place ice blocks on the skin for about 2 minutes.

3. Avoiding Infection

You would need to apply antibiotic ointment such as neosporin or bacitracin with a cotton wool or a clean finger. DONT use cotton wool if the wound is open because it can get stuck in the wound. Cover with a bandage that will not get gummy to the burnt area. Change the bandage one to two times a day and continue to reapply the ointment.

4. Finally, Treat The Pain

Use any safe pain killer from a pharmacy. You can take the pills several times a day as long as the pain goes away.

Let' s try our best to be SAFE always!

Thanks for reading!

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