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10 Stylish corset outfits that women can wear to define their figures

Corsets have been around for decades and were used as undergarments in the medieval times. They are worn to define the waistline, hips and bust. They're used today as a fashion statement and they come in belts, tops and fitted in dresses. These days they're used as waist trainers for exercise and yoga. Let's look at how one can define their figure with these styles.

This short shinny black dress has a corset fitted bodice with cups to define the bust and waist. It accentuates them and makes the figure pleasing. Add some few jewellery and the look is complete for a night out.

Wear a corset belt to make a dress out of a large shirt. Wear it over a shirt that falls to your knees to create a casual look. Men's tailored clothing can be made feminine with a corset belt, which defines loose fitting clothes and gives them flair.

Corset tops can be worn with suits. For the formal look a matching suit can use a black laced corset top.

A laced corset top with Ankara cups is a design that adds to the dress. The skirt matches the corset top and the spaghetti detail allows one to add a sweater or coat over the outfit.

A crisscross corset can allow one to adjust the restrictive nature of the corset. It can be confining sometimes and the pull strings can leave room for adjustment in order to breathe.

A suit embroidered with beads and a corset top is a fashion forward statement piece that ladies need in their wardrobes. The top has beads and is see through. The whole ensemble is elegant and beautiful.

Ankara embroidered corset fitted short dress with belle sleeve flatters the figure and defines the waist. The bottom of the dress is slim fitting and creates a balanced silhouette.

For a casual look one can pair a corset top with jeans and a blazer. This look can work for that Friday look or a comfortable day outside.

A fitted in corset can be another style to show off the design of an Ankara dress. The cups can be made with a different colored material to bring focus on the corset design. This outfits shows off the whole figure in a fitting body con Ankara.

Keep accessories limited when the goal is to make the corset the centerpiece of the outfit. Minimal and delicate jewellery can be worn and avoid heavy and dramatic accessories that will overshadow the top.

Thanks for reading and stay safe.

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