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7 Trendy Things That It’s Time To Forget About Them

Sweaters and dresses made of cheap knit fabricNote that, bad quality knitwear stretches out and pills easily. Apart from that, the bad quality material can cause an allergic reaction on the skin. Keep in mind that the ideal ratio is 20 to 30% synthetic and 70 to 80% natural fiber.

An abundance of ringsThe total number of rings on a woman's hands shouldn't exceed 3, including the wedding ring, this is according to jewelry etiquette. A maximum of 2 pieces of jewelry is allowed on one hand. Keep in mind that it's recommended to wear jewelry with diamonds, emeralds, and rubies after 5 p.m.

Absence of accessoriesWhat most people don't know is that, accessories can complement your image and give it a peculiar charm. You can use either hats, scarves, belts, clutches, watches, or imitation jewelry. Accessories can be of the same color as your clothes or they can contrast with them. When opting for the right one, remember the golden rule: you should wear accessories that match your body. Consider choosing big items if you have a statuesque body, while petite ladies should opt for mini-accessories.

Pajama-style clothingIt is now clear that the pajama style that was popular in the past, among fashion mongers is on its way out. Say no to hoodies with cat ears - leave.

Jeans tucked into high-heeled ankle bootsThis type of combination will make your image look vulgar. However, it's ok to wear jeans tucked into boots like cowboy boots or Hessian boots if they don't have high heels. Another good combination that you can try is ankle boots and skinny jeans. Jeans can even be rolled up above your boots so you can show them off.

Sunglasses with crystalsGo for sunglasses with a non-standard or classic shape without any crystal embellishments. This 'jewelry' can make your image look cheap. When you choose sunglasses, remember your face type. For instance, if you have a square face type, go for butterfly sunglasses, an oval face type will look great with aviator sunglasses, and finally a round face looks good with any shape.

Long sharp nailsYou should also pay attention to your manicure. Long sharp nails with bright patterns are a trend of the past, nowadays the oval nail shape and 'pointes' are trendy. The shape of the 'pointes' resemble the shoes worn by ballet dancers. When choosing the color, go for white, black, red, or clear nail polish, remember that these colors always look fashionable.

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